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Hello Again

Well I am back. I t has taken me awhile and I realize my procrastination issue has been in full swing. Also seem to be having some computer issues. Has been a hard lesson in slowing down the past week with a broken rib and client issues. However, spirit and my heart have been talking and I realize that my dream of writing must come before everything. As I rediscovered the world of Shannara this week, I remembered my own love of reading and writing and how I tend to procrastinate. Well , lesson learned and no more. Today begins a new chapter. May I suggest that those of you who have not read the Shannara series, take a peek. it is a fascinating and adventurous world.

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Time of Renewal

Hello everyone. It has bene a while since I blogged. I have been very busy, finishing my first year of Advanced Studies at Barbara Brennan School of healing and Levels I and II of Star magic Healing.

Staying Centered in this unsettled time.

We have all been asked to stay in, experienced fear which has been increased by reports of virus spreading, focus on deaths, fears being increased when one watches the news, reads facebook, and talk


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