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Staying Centered in this unsettled time.

We have all been asked to stay in, experienced fear which has been increased by reports of  virus spreading, focus on deaths, fears being increased when one watches the  news, reads facebook, and talks with people.  We have had to change our way of life and move forward  in unexpected ways rather than have conveniences at our fingertips. It is important to remember that challenges are a part of life and there is much beauty around. The wildlife are returning, we have more time to spend with those we love and engage in projects that have been put on the back burner. It is a time to meditate, pursue ones dreams and learn to stay centered.  Eating well and taking ones vitamins is important. To combat the virus, elderberry which has antioxidants, Vitamin C and Zinc. it is important not to have dairy as this creates mucus. The virus hardens mucus in the lungs till one cannot breathe. So my suggestion is this is a great time to get healthy, tale walks, enjoy the outdoors, meditate and breathe the now fresh air. Let's not go back to normal. Let's be a more considerate, kinder and loving normal.

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