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Time of Renewal

Hello everyone. It has bene a while since I blogged. I have been very busy, finishing my first year of Advanced Studies at Barbara Brennan School of healing and Levels I and II of Star magic Healing. Along with Covid and all the changes that brought about, I haven't given enough time to growing this community which I will now do. I have started a YouTube Channel. The Link is 0VVxt_ eWX12FIYBw or you can go to YouTube and enter Susan Felice Turner-Path of the Hearts. I will be presenting mediations on connecting telepathically with animals, nature, spirts and on raising one's vibration to 5D and beyond. I welcome all to join. It has been a challenging year at best, with deciding what to believe from the government, riots, attempted take overs and so much drama. We have made it through and are hopefully softer, kinder and more compassionate.

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Staying Centered in this unsettled time.

We have all been asked to stay in, experienced fear which has been increased by reports of virus spreading, focus on deaths, fears being increased when one watches the news, reads facebook, and talk


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